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New Features for Sellers

As a seller, we understand the importance of having complete control over your listings and ensuring consistent standards. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the ability to build your very own listing terms and conditions, as well as create customized grading criteria and descriptions: all of these features can be leveraged by navigating to your Account Settings when logged into your account. 

We’re thrilled to bring these valuable features to our sellers. Give them a try and share your feedback with us! Your input is always invaluable to us.

Custom Listing Terms, Grading Criteria, and Descriptions

Company Terms and Conditions

This feature puts you in charge of your own terms and conditions for your listings. Your personalized policy will be prominently displayed on every listing, empowering buyers with clear expectations and boosting their confidence to easily bid and complete transactions.

Customizable Grading Policies

Assembly’s Company Grading Policies let you create a fully customizable grading policy that perfectly aligns with your unique standards. No more conforming to generic conditions or relying on images to showcase your grading scale.

Our dynamic policy builder makes the integration process a breeze, seamlessly integrating your policy into the site. Elevate your selling experience and give buyers the clarity they need to make confident decisions.

Your grading policy will now be displayed and easily accessible on all your published listings. While building a grading policy is optional, we highly recommend taking advantage of this feature to provide the transparency and necessary detail that buyers require. Our condition categories are a valuable tool, but we understand that they may not capture the full extent of your grading standards.

Condition Categories

Our new Condition Categories replace the limited Lot Condition options and cover a wider range of product types–making it easier for you to list and sell a variety of items. Your company’s grading policy can align with any of these versatile categories, offering valuable context that boosts buyer confidence and drives increased bidding activity on your listings.

updated May 22, 2023