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The buyer’s source for secondhand tech.

Optimized for electronics, the Assembly marketplace provides product listings of all lot sizes and conditions to thousands of qualified buyers.

2,989 available

51 available

129 available

86 available

66 available

Consistent Inventory

5K-15K units of laptops, desktops, phones, tablets and wearables are added weekly.

Single-Point Payment

Assembly facilitates all payments providing transaction security and streamlined settlements.

Verified Suppliers

You are connected directly with Sellers who Assembly verifies to ensure product and grading accuracy.

Purchase Options

Purchase product immediately through the Marketplace or bid in the product Auctions.

Listings for Every Need

Product is available in lots large to small suiting your varying supply needs.

Simple, Secure and Easy-to-Use

Define Buying Criteria

Tell us what types of products you’re interested in as well as the requirements that you can fulfill.

Match & Bid on Listings

Our smart matching technology automatically sends you listings that meet your buying criteria. No more wasting time searching for opportunities of value.

Connect With Sellers

Our used device marketplace allows companies to list their used devices with ease, connecting buyers to an entirely new network of used device sellers.

Get started with Assembly in minutes.

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  • Get real-time access to product listings.

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We built Assembly to improve our own device procurement and sales.

Assembly was created by one of the world’s leading device trade-in companies with over 14 years experience in device re-commerce to streamline the process and create results for the procurement and disposition of mobile devices worldwide.