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Assembly Facilitated Payments

As of September 12 at 8pm EST, all Buyers make payments through Assembly who will release payment to the Sellers after product shipments have been confirmed – creating a uniform experience for purchase and tracking.

The process is facilitated by new tools available to Assembly Buyers and Sellers:

My Orders view for Buyers

My Sales view for Sellers

In addition to summarizing order status (i.e. awaiting payment, ready to ship, shipped, completed), these sections:
  • Highlight the amount to be paid by the Buyer and how to pay
  • Display the Buyer/Seller contact information for coordinating shipment

Payments Process 

  1. Sellers publish listings and Buyers bid on them
  2. Listings close with winning Buyers
  3. Buyer and Seller contact information is shared on the My Orders/My Sales views
  4. The Buyer is provided a pro forma invoice that will outline the amount due including any applicable taxes, and instructions on how to pay via Assembly (Phobio) on the My Orders page.
  5. Upon receipt of payment, Assembly prompts the Seller to ship the product and add tracking information to the Order Details.
  6. Once this shipment information is submitted, the order payment amount will be released to the Seller net any Assembly fees the following Tuesday. Buyers can track each order via the tracking information on the Order Detail views.
  7. The order is complete.
This streamlined process will provide both Assembly Buyers and Sellers:
  • Uniform experience and tracking tools
  • Simplified payment and accounting
  • Greater purchase confidence for all listings
As always, we welcome your feedback so we can make Assembly the best platform hands-down for B2B e-commerce of electronics.