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A marketplace optimized for electronics, Assembly provides product listings of all lot sizes and conditions to thousands of qualified buyers.

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No Cost Listings

Create your listing your way.

There are no minimums or maximums, and no costs to list. With listing tools optimized for electronics, Assembly makes it easy to find the right buyer for your product and the right product for your customers.

Connect with thousands of qualified buyers.

Our mature network of buyers has been developed over 13 years doing recommerce of mobile devices and consumer electronics. Each buyer is vetted for their references and operational certification, and capital strength.

More Types of Products

More product means more opportunity.

Registered buyers get access to more types of product in different conditions and in lots of various sizes sourced directly from the primary market, retail returns and trade-in/buyback programs.

Let’s start something big.

See how our simple and secure auctions can become a valuable new channel for your business to drive growth.