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Selling iPhones is Easy and Profitable with Assembly.

Tap into our vast network of buyers looking specifically for iPhones. Enjoy higher sell rates, lower fees, and a streamlined process tailored for mobile device reselling.

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We offer the lowest sale fees in the industry with unmatched service and sale rates.

Assembly Benefits

Better Buyers = Better Sales

  • 13+ year mature buyer network that purchases mobile phones, tablets, wearables, laptops and accessories
  • Platform focus on Consumer Electronics

Your total addressable market isn’t just your usual buyers.

More Sales + Lower Fees

  • No signup fees. No listing fees. No buyer premiums.
  • No minimum MSRP. No minimum starting price. Unlimited listings.

Some things competitors don’t want you to know.

Built for Tech Recommerce

  • Intuitive, directed interface – Listings take only minutes to build and publish
  • Flexibility to define your own rulesets and requirements

You can’t scale your business on spreadsheets.

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Assembly was custom-built to sell more product via B2B ecommerce. With faster results and higher margins, we use it ourselves. We’re laser-focused on improving your sales, and the Assembly platform is continually evolving based on your feedback.

Sale Fees are Assembly’s commission earned based on the final sale price of a completed auction.

How Assembly Compares

In addition to our mature, global network of buyers and the lowest seller fees in the industry, experience our customer-driven focus and unmatched service first-hand: